The future of Scheduling is here

Tools to make waste management tasks more productive and cost efficient

WIS Worker pre-installed with any one of our leading waste management APPs

Bin Manager
Manage bin deliveries, cancellations, moving address, broken bins, RFID chipping, barcoding, as well as premises audits for commercial customers.
Trade Manager
Handle all complex commercial regular and ad-hoc tasks with our Trade Manager. Providing professional editable routing options in the WIS Office.
Bin Scanner
Scan RFID, NFC and Barcodes super fast, enable audio alerting based on customer well as contaminate contents alerting.
Skip Hire / RoRo
Super robust skip hire / roro application, developed based on hundreds of customers globally, makes our application the real choice for your company.

Handling mobile tasks are much easier with WIS Worker

Purposely designed by the waste industry and utilizing all terminal capabilities
Scheduled and Reactive (ad-hoc) Tasks
WIS Worker : Trader Manager APP

Commercial tasks can be scheduled to be regular, interval based or ad-hoc and viewed on the terminal in order per importance, route schedule or on-demand.
Professional GPS Tracking
WIS Worker : Trader Manager APP

Track your mobile workers with accurate GPS tracking
Worker Proximity Beacons Alerting
WIS Worker : Trader Manager APP

Alert drivers if they come too close to workers in the yard or while offsite working in teams
Take Photos, Signatures, Scan RFID and Barcodes
WIS Worker : Trader Manager APP

Handling all necessary data capturing services available on your device and more.

Advanced routing and task scheduling

Scalable to handle your complex business demands
Scheduled Tasks
WIS Worker : Skip Manager APP

Seamlessly handling every job type (delivery, collection, exchange) no matter the network connectivity.
Skip / RoRo Order Book
WIS Worker : Skip Manager APP

Super easy to use order book GUI makes it fast to learn and a joy to work with each day.
Detailed Displaying of Tasks
WIS Worker : Skip Manager APP

Feature rich task information on the APP makes it easy for the driver to understand all the details of the task.
Daily Personal and Vehicle Safety Checks
WIS Worker : Skip Manager APP

Force drivers to do their daily vehicle inspection checks, which are fully editable from the WIS Office.

Robust RFID / NFC / Barcode Scanning

Getting the most out of your business day with less resources
Scan RFID tags & Barcodes Super Fast
WIS Worker : Bin Scanner APP

The bin scanner is perfect for a “pay by empty” service where items scanned create a debt transaction / record a time stamped bin lift.
Contaminate Control with Pictures
WIS Worker : Bin Scanner APP

Quickly record contaminates in the recycling or compost bin as well as take photos.
Audio Alerting based on Tickets
WIS Worker : Bin Scanner APP

Ever want to tell the bin collector to perform additional tasks while at a certains customer’s house? Well now you can.
Time Keeping and GeoFence control
WIS Worker : Bin Scanner APP

Clock in and clock out as well as accounting for breaks. Can also be geo fenced around start and finish locations.

The perfect solution to handle industry specific tasks

Giving you the results no matter the environmental conditions
Easy to Manage Bin Tasks
WIS Worker : Bin Manager APP

Tasks can be segregated based on routes or planned based on schedules.
Bin Task Management Area
WIS Worker : Bin Manager APP

Easy to overview bin tasks dashboard, making it easy to administer daily tasks.
Navigate to Customers
WIS Worker : Bin Manager APP

Navigation assistance directly to each bin task.
Work in Offline and Online Formats
WIS Worker : Bin Manager APP

No matter the network connectivity, job tasks will be updated into the WIS Office for processing.

Need additional equipment to read RFID or print receipts?

You can purchase our additional equipment at any time, to further advance your business processing.
RFID Reader (Bluetooth)
Our RFID reader lasts 11 hours / 2000 scans. By default it works in automatic mode and reads low frequency RFID tags. It has a powerful bluetooth module to stabilize the connection with the APPs.

Price : €150 (includes gloves)
Pocket size Printer (Bluetooth)
Our printer is small enough to fit in a worker's jacket, with battery life lasts approx 24 hours on idle and 3 hours on full printing use. The printer uses normal 58mm paper rolls.

Price : €150 (includes 2 paper rolls)

Mobile work flow for as little as €15 per user / month

Choose whether you want the WIS Worker handheld or just the APP, then choose the service contract that best suits your business (includes WIS Office) and we will get you started within 48 hours


A perfect solution for a small startup or ideal if you just want to try out our system.

Support via our help centre and ticketing system.

WIS Worker Terminal - €950 or Smartphone App €450

€15 per user / month(review)
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The out of the box solution which your team is well able to handle - with little help from us.

Telephone and email support.

WIS Worker Terminal - €950 or Smartphone App €450

€45 per user / month(review)
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Your business needs industry advice and backup support to ensure WIS Worker performs.

Full Support with dedicated account manager.

WIS Worker Terminal - €950 or Smartphone App €450

€75 per user / month(review)
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