Bin & Vehicle Weighing System

The most innovative weighing system in the world

Weighs all types of wheelie bins in automatic mode - no stopping

Our simple to install weighing system only has 6 parts, making maintenance super easy.
Reads all Bin Types
Automatic Mode
GPS / RFID / Weight
Full KPI Reporting
Full API Integration

Automatic and Accurate Wheelie Bin Weighing made easy

Less hardware and more accurate results against the weighbridge
Wheelie Bin Weighing
Our Bin Weighing is a cost efficient dynamic weighing system that achieves a stable accuracy of within +/-1% for household and commercial bins. The weighing system is very straightforward to install and fully integrates with the Truck Router software (and DriverX3) system to provide individual bin weights whilst displaying a running total of collected weights, helping crews to prevent overloads.
Bin Weighing Features
Dynamic bin weighing fits perfectly into the business model where companies need to monitor customers bin contents weight to ensure they are invoiced correctly for the amount of waste they produce. All data is fed into the Waste Information Server (or 3rd party system) in real time so office staff can see exact details of each lift:
  • Date / Time Collected
  • Vehicle Registration
  • GPS Coordinates
  • Bin Lifter Position
  • Waste Type / Bin Size
  • Collected RFID Bin Chip Read
  • Net Weight of Content - kgs or pounds
Certified Weighing
Our bin weighing hardware has been approved and certified as a Class Y(b) system (OIML R51 standard) by the NMI (certificate number TC8243 - up to 350kgs total lift). We install and certify bin weighing system in our yard in Killurin, Wexford, Ireland. If required we can visit your location to install and certify system. To fabricate, install and certify takes approx. 4 - 5 days depending on fabrication.

The most cost efficient vehicle weighing system in the world

Class Yb system OIML R51 standard

Legal for Trade Weighing System with an accuracy of within 1kg

GPS, RFID and Weight Result

All fitouts transmit GPS together with RFID and Weight data

Full Reporting and Analysis

Detailed vehicle weighing reporting and performance indicators.

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