Vehicle Camera System

The most flexible camera system designed for your waste management fleet

Meet vehicle safety and insurance compliance in the most innovative way

Unlike other camera solutions, the WIS Vehicle Cameras are mini PCs so capabilities are endless
All Vehicle Types
Speed / Video
7 Day Loop
GPS Tracking
View Live in WIS

WIS Vehicle Cameras will help you reduce fleet insurance and accidents considerably

You can install as many cameras as you like on any vehicle to remove black spots and record details in high incident areas.
OnBoard Wideview Cameras - designed for the Waste Management Industry
Fitting cameras onto a refuse truck will drive down your insurance premium but unlike others our cameras are designed to fit the waste management industry demands. The ability to take photos of bins not out and to ability to auto send video reports to the fleet manager if the driver did not do his/her vehicle walk around checks - are just a few. Additional research we are currently working on is the ability to count bags and recognise illegal contents in the hopper.
Refuse Vehicle CCTV Features
  • Flexible Configurations - Make the choice that’s right for you with road-facing only, two cameras or up to 8 per vehicle to reduce black spots.
  • Extended Recording - Capture hard to get sideswipe, backing and low impact collisions with video on demand.
  • New Revenuse Insights - Document customer pick-ups to validate and identify new revenue opportunities.
  • KPIs and Benchmarking - Management reports & numeric performance scores tell you where to focus and make it easy to benchmark against peers.
Refuse Vehicle CCTV Benefits
  • Meet Vehicle Safety Compliance
  • Reduction in Fleet Insurance
  • Protection of Company Assets
  • Reduction in Fleet Accident Rate
  • Greater Security & Threat Detection
  • Quicker Claim Resolution
  • Prevention of False Claims
  • Improvement in Driver Behaviour
  • Elimination of Vehicle Blindspots

See an overall improvement in driver performance within the first week

Covers all Angles

Keeping black spots around the vehicle to an absolute minimum.

Driver Coaching

Being able to analyse exact driver behaviour and build coaching classes around this..

Active Safety

Captures aggressive speeding, swerves, lane departures & more. Capable of triggering from key indicators.

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