Robust RFID Reader & Antenna Kit

The perfect solution for your bin collection vehicle

Simple and sturdy vehicle RFID Reader that wont miss a read

Unlike other RFID readers that boast many features, ours just scans RFID tags and sends them to the server!
Sturdy RFID Reader
Bin Chipping App
Full Reporting
API Access

Reads RFID tags in the most stable manner, all the time

We do not complicate a simple task like RFID bin chip reading.
Vehicle RFID Reader Kit
Our RFID reader kit is the ideal solution for waste management companies who wish to monitor presentation rates of customers bins on a route. The hardware kit is delivered in a industrial waterproof shell which is specifically design to fit on waste collection vehicles.
RFID Reader Formats
The RFID reader and antenna comes in 125 kHz or 134 kHz formats but can be delivered for high / ultra high frequency RFID chips. The RFID reader kit can be sold as a stand alone system or together with our Driver X3 onboard vehicle system or with our full bin weighing system

The most cost efficient vehicle RFID reader in the world

Reading LF and UHF Tags

Our reader enables you to read tags in a short or long distance away.

Continous Read Mode

Automatically scanning for RFID chips every milli-second.

Mounting the RFID Antennae

Our RFID reader / antennae can we installed on any vehicle type.

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