Fleet Tracking & Route Navigation

The incab terminal designed specifically for garbage collectors

Serving the Waste Management Industry Globally

The WIS Fleet helps waste management businesses of all sizes track their vehicles, manage routing, optimize collection routes, remove paperwork, improve vehicle utilization, reduce accidents and increase productivity.
Route Navigation
GPS Track Saving
Vehicle & Safety Checklist
Commercial Tasks
Fuel Monitoring
2 Way Messaging
Weighbridge Weights
Staff Time Keeping
RFID Reading
Video Recording

Take the headache out of Fleet Management with our WIS Fleet incab terminal

Designed specifically for the waste management industry to drive great results
Real Time Tracking
Track all your vehicles in real time with a click of a mouse. Get a precise and accurate location of a particular vehicle at that specific moment in time.
Route Navigation
Enable any driver to drive any route at any time, with our turn by turn navigation. Route navigation shows detailed routes, customer bins and system alerts along the way.
Safety and Security
Geo-fence vehicles to prevent unauthorized use and to get complete control of your assets and business.
Paperless Vehicle Inspections & Document Presentation
Force your drivers to perform daily vehicle inspection checks and also providing them with the information needed if they are stopped by the police.
Route Optimization
Make savings on your current routes by using the route optimization service. Customers GPS locations can uploaded or captured by the WIS Fleet and zoned in routed polygons.
Driver Identification and Time Keeping
Allocate drivers to routes and enable them to login to any vehicle via their identification. Monitor break times and idle locations as well as overall time keeping.
Collection Tasks
Upload customers GPS / job tasks, schedule into routes to load in sequence in the WIS Fleet.
Messaging - messages on the screen
Keep in contact with your drivers via our 2 way messaging system. Drivers can message the office in realtime.
Fuel management and weighbridge reporting
Keep track of your vehicles fuel consumption and also monitor weighbridge loads.
Prevent Speeding and Accidents
Monitor KM/MPH your drivers are doing as well any excessive braking - these can be sent as alerts to the fleet manager in real time.
Vehicle Maintenance Management
Manage all aspects of your vehicles details and maintenance process.

Need more? Here are some of the add on components available

Video Camera

Record live video as the vehicle drives and save photos of instances where bins are not out.

RFID Bin Reading

Automatically Read RFID chips in bins for presentation rates and if needed, billing “pay per empty”.

Bin Weighing

Dynamically weigh the contents of each customers’ bins.

Visual Alerts on Bins

Place visual alerts on customer’s bin to inform the driver about special cases e.g. extra bags allowed.


Ability to sync the WIS Office with an external system to fetch customer information, bins, GPS position, etc.

Expert Consultancy

If you need help to reduce the number of routes / vehicles you have in operation, then ask us for help as we do this every day.

Flexible Fleet Management Options - WIS Fleet In-cab Terminal or Smartphone App!

No matter your business size, our WIS Fleet can seamlessly adjust to your business and environmental requirements.
Manage your vehicle with WIS Fleet In-cab Terminal
Ideal for large waste collection companies who need operational control from headquarters.

The WIS Fleet In-cab Terminal comes with an adjustable / lockable RAM mount and starts as soon as you turn the key.
Manage your vehicle with our Smartphone APP
Perfect for small waste collectors who own or rent a few vehicles, who don’t want to install a fixed unit.

The APP can be installed on a large phone or tablet. The APP completely controls the device so no other actions can be done after installation.

Questions? +353 53 9100 100

Get efficient routing for as little as €35 per vehicle / month

Choose whether you want the WIS Fleet In-cab box or the Smartphone APP, then choose the service contract that best suits your business (includes WIS Office) and we will get you started within 48 hours


GPS tracking, Save Tracks into Collection Routes and edit them for reloading for drivers.

Support via our help centre and ticketing system.

WIS Fleet In-cab Terminal - €1200 or Smartphone App €680*

€35 per vehicle / month(review)
Order a Kit


Full fleet management service with ability to optimize collection routes.

Telephone and email support.

WIS Fleet In-cab Terminal - €1200 or Smartphone App €680*

€65 per vehicle / month(review)
Order a Kit


Market leading route management with helpful expert advice.

Full Support with dedicated account manager.

WIS Fleet In-cab Terminal - €1200 or Smartphone App €680*

€95 per vehicle / month(review)
Order a Kit